Upcoming Dates to have marked on your calendars
The Gladstone Rotary Birthday Party will be Feb 21st, at the Gladstone Hy-Vee Market Place in the evening, more details to come..The Stacks for Students Pancake breakfast is just around the corner as well, it will be March 11, again more details to follow.
January Board Meeting
Reminder that the December Board Meeting will be held on Monday evening Jan 16th at 5:30 pm at Fairview Christian Church. Anyone wishing to attend is welcome.
Our club is invited to submit nominations for District Governor for Rotary year 2020-2021.   As a Rotarian in good standing, we may submit to your Club President and Secretary, the name of a Rotarian in your club who you believe would be willing and qualified to serve as District Governor.  This person should be voted on by your club and his/her name, along with the application and all needed signatures, submitted to the District Nominating Committee.  The District Nominating Committee, in accordance with Section 14.020.3 of the 2016 RI Bylaws, will consist of the last five Past District Governors: Dan Hall, Kenny Harris, Rick Simon, Cassy Venters and Ralph Cupelli.  They are the voting members.  The current District Governor, Governor-Elect, Governor-Nominee, and the Governor Nominee-Designate: Kim LeSage, Allen Garner, Julie McCoy and Marc Horner will also serve on the committee as non-voting members. 
Please note that under the 2016 Rotary International Bylaws Qualifications for District Governor Nomination, a qualified candidate must meet all of the following six criteria:
  1. A Rotarian in good standing of a functioning club in District 6040. (RI Bylaws 16.070.1)
  2. A Rotarian maintaining full membership qualification. (RI Bylaws 16.070.2)
  3. The Rotarian must have served a full term as Club President, or as charter president from the date of charter to 30 June (six-month minimum), at the time of nomination. (RI Bylaws 16.070.3)
  4. Be willing and able to fulfill the duties of District Governor (as described in RI Bylaws 16.070.4) and further outlined in Duties of a Governor (RI Bylaws 16.090)
  5. Have been a member of a Rotary Club for at least seven years. (RI Bylaws 16.080)
  6. Demonstrate the knowledge of the qualifications, duties and responsibilities of Governor and submit a signed statement that the Rotarian understands clearly the qualifications, duties and responsibilities.  (RI Bylaws 16.070.5)
  7. Is willing to attend the International Assembly (as District Governor Elect) prior to taking office.  (RI Bylaws 16.080)
Selection is done now so this person can be included in leadership discussions and meetings, long-range goal and policy setting to improve continuity and to participate in preparatory training and appropriate District activities to include attendance at Show Me Rotary for example.  The selected person would begin participating in the District Executive Council meetings after selection.  Full participation from 2017-2020 is essential to help the individual prepare for the 2020-2021 District Governor year.
Immediate Past District Governor Ralph Cupelli, Nominations Committee Chair, will convene the District Governor Nomination Committee during the week of March 13th at a date, time, and location central to a majority of the applicants and committee members once the slate of applicants is set.
  1. The District Governor nomination form must be completed fully.
  2. All required signatures must be on the document – Club President, Secretary, and applicant.
  3. Nominations shall be submitted in the form of a resolution adopted at a regular meeting of the Club naming the suggested candidate.  A club may submit only one of its own members as a candidate for Governor-Nominee.  (RI Bylaws 14.020.4)
  4. Return this application (and any additional documentation) via email to Immediate Past District Governor Ralph P. Cupelli at, no later than March 10,2017.  This is a firm date for submitting nominations.
  5. Nominees are encouraged to submit a detailed biography and additional information including details of their Club, District and international experiences in Rotary.
If you have questions about this process, please contact me at the number listed below.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Ralph P. Cupelli,
Immediate Past District Governor
6 Circle Drive, Kirksville, MO 63501
660-665-1927 (home)
Winter Weather Reminder
Remember that Gladstone Rotary follows the NKC School District schedule.  If the school district closes due to weather then we will not meet that Tuesday Morning.
Weekly Newsletter 
Should you have any information that you would like me to put in the weekly newsletter please email it to me by the Friday prior to distribution of the newsletter. My email address is -Thanks Amy B.
Jan 17
Greeter: Phil Burress
Prayer: Travis McKee
Jan 24
Greeter: Ross Chantrel
Prayer: Clark Mershon
Jan 31
Greeter: Dick Conn
Prayer: Alan Napoli   
Feb 7
Greeter: Joe Craft
Prayer: Jerry Nolte                          
Jan 17
Sausage & Pancakes
Jan 24
Western Omelet with Muffins
Jan 31
Sausage, Gravy & Biscuits
Mar 28, 2017
Literacy Program
Apr 04, 2017
Chapel Hill Choir
Apr 11, 2017
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