Shoes for Orphan Souls is an outreach program our Rotary Club participates in to acquire socks and shoes for orphans not only in the United States, but also across the globe. We begin organizing and collecting donations in January; we start right at home with our own members giving funds to purchase the socks and shoes. Our club has appointed members shop the bargains and sales to purchase the greatest amount of items possible to give to these deserving children. Next, we coop with other organizations around the Kansas City Metro Area to set up drop off sites for the collection of socks and shoes from community members for this program. 

Once all of the donations have been collected, we join together after one of our meetings to sort the shoes, tie the laces, box each pair, and ship them to the loading site. It is so awesome to work hand-in-hand with such giving and committed members of the community that are bound together by our common bond of being a Rotarian. The hard work pays off when the shoes are loaded onto the 18-wheeler and driven away to be distributed across the world.